For more than three decades…

Eric Scott, a leader in design, development and manufacturing of soft goods has served as a private label partner for some of the world’s most iconic brands. Founded on principles of producing the highest quality leather products, the company has expanded capabilities beyond traditional cut and sew manufacturing.

Premier manufacturer of leather, fabric and vinyl products.
The addition of automated cutting, RF sealing, ultrasonic welding and numerous customization capabilities on top of the extensive line up of sewing and automated stitching equipment, has allowed Eric Scott to evolve into the premier private label manufacturer of leather, fabric and vinyl products.

Centrally located.
Located in the Midwest in a 150,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing facility, Eric Scott maintains the skilled techniques of artisan craftsmanship while engaging new manufacturing technologies to produce high quality product. The Eric Scott legacy was founded on bringing together exceptional materials, thoughtful design and scalable craftsmanship.

That’s the Eric Scott “Signature of Excellence.”

ISO 9001 Certified

The robust process of being ISO 9001 Certified is proven to strongly benefit our customers directly. The cornerstone of the ISO 9001 Certification defines the responsibility to organize and manage each line of business accordingly through process implementation. Risks and opportunities are constantly evaluated, outlining Eric Scott’s control over quality and productivity.  
Employees are trained and motivated to implement the procedures, which ensures issues are quickly identified and resolved. This results in staying safe, focused and on task – all while bringing your concept to reality. 

Eric Scott’s ISO 9001 Certification demonstrates capabilities of delivering high quality products that meet industry regulations and on-time delivery, which ultimately provides additional value to each one of our customers. The efficient management process opens the door for opportunities and
allows us truly be Experts in Manufacturing. 

Vision & Values

Eric Scott recognizes the importance of creating long-term sustainable social impacts that positively affect change in the world and improve people’s lives. Staying true to our vision and values will guide us toward continued growth and success for decades to come.


Assisting Heavenly Hope, a non-profit organization, in community food drives.


Colon Cancer Awareness support and raising awareness.


For every face mask purchased, one is donated to someone in need.

Client Testimonials

Our commitment to a strong foundation of core values is evident in every aspect of our business. But in the end, the ultimate achievement comes in knowing that our culture of excellence translates into real value for our customers — and serves as a true testament to what Eric Scott is all about.

I have had a pleasure to work with Eric Scott for the last 20 + years and they have been an excellent supplier. Customer service is second to none. Product quality is essential to customer satisfaction and Eric Scott meets or exceeds expectations. From the design team to final invoice, Eric Scott is an exceptional company to work with.

Susan brock

Harland Clarke

Our partnership with Eric Scott is exceptional. Two areas standout — communication and shipping. We appreciate Eric Scott’s habit of under promising and over-delivering. 

Allyson Anderson

Mainstreet Checks